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Advertising that remains!

Customised advertising calendars with your company logo

Are you looking for the perfect advertising presend for your customers, employees and partners? Since decades PRINTAS Kalenderverlag is manufacturer of high-quality advertising calendars and qualified contact for wall calendars, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 month calendars, poster calendars and photo calendars of all kinds.

We are especially serious about the high-quality workmanship of our 3- to 7-month calendars, annual calendars, photo calendars and customised calendars because we know what is the most important for our customers: the advertising calendar with company logo should hang in the offices of their clients and spread out its advertising message.


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Advertising with monthly calendars

A successful advertising calendar is very impressive. The monthly calendar, however, is not just for the view. This promotional calendar is being worked on. At PRINTAS you will find monthly calendars that fit your way of working and your budget.

A monthly calendar is part of every company. The simple variant of a monthly calendar is the one-leaf calendar, which is usually used by small companies as an advertising calendar. One of the most elaborate is the six-month calendar with a head motif in premium design. He has a hardcover-copied cap (like a hardcover book cover). For their production, a high-quality offset printing on picture-printing paper takes place. This is coated with glossy or scratch-resistant matt cellophane coating and laminated on a cardboard, the back of which is then white-mirrored. The suspension is carried out by means of a thread suspension, but also a hole hole is possible.
Most of us presumably place their monthly calendar in our own office - the space where we spend most of the day in which we work. Perhaps the calendar also depends on the central reception of a company to give an overview of the holidays of the employees. The formats in which they are produced are as varied as the locations for a monthly calendar. Whether with four blocks and seven months or a sheet with 3-month, 4-month, 5-month and even 6-month overview, the selection is huge. As an advertising calendar with a monthly block or up to 6 month blocks, PRINTAS offers you the monthly calendar, which fulfills your requirements perfectly.

The month calendar well place

The space for your monthly calendar is well chosen. You should keep an eye on it from your workspace in order to schedule appointments with the help of the calendar week and the date marking of the date book. You may want to make handwritten entries on the monthly pages. Then the calendar should not hang too far from your desk. Think about how often you look at normal working days on your monthly calendar, or enter something there. To choose the right advertising calendars, you should consider these features:

  • Who should receive the calendars?
  • Does the recipient need a purely German or international calendar? Do not just go from your own company, but also from your customers. These should finally work with the advertising calendars you submitted and also be satisfied with the equipment.
  • Is the calendar hanging in a workshop, a manufacturing facility, a laundry room or an office?
  • On what occasion do you give the monthly calendar as an advertising medium? Is it a jubilee, a business inauguration, a company move or just the end of the year?

On our homepage, the right monthly calendar is available for every taste. Convince yourself of the great features that the individual advertising calendars bring with you:

  • high-quality cardboard and paper grades
  • large calendar selection
  • Models with different sized advertising areas
  • Space-saving solutions such as seven-month calendar with four blocks
  • numerous refining options such as gloss lacquer, matt lacquer, fragrance lacquer, corporate logo punching and much more ...
  • Monthly Calendar Made in Germany

Month calendar in the big office

Also in the Großraumbüro is as small as possible and as large as necessary. The monthly calendars should be as harmonious as possible in your work area. With a one-month calendar, you can choose a planning tool that best adapts to small surfaces on the wall.
The six-month calendar in the L-format is always a good choice in the single office, because the advertising space does not need to be big in the day-to-day life, but offers enough space for your advertising.

Monthly calendar in different shapes and materials

Monthly calendars with shape-punched advertising space are still something special. A half-birch month-calendar head is an eye-catcher, even more so when the company logo is punched in its form or "a part of the advertising impressions" from the calendar "out".
There are (almost) no limits to your imagination, and our trained and experienced staff will help you find the right ideas for your individual monthly calendar. Our in-house advertising department will submit design proposals for the fixed price as part of our design service.
A monthly calendar is a purchase for a year, so you should be sure to get the best quality and originality. A monthly calendar, which is bent after a few weeks or months, fades or the calendar is hanging in shreds, is not a good sign for your company. The recipient of this calendar will depend on safe and replace with a better month calendar.
By the way: Our advertising calendars are without the metal eyelets that have been advertised for many years. The use of a metal eyelet should normally ensure that the monthly calendars made of inferior cardboard do not slip through the nail during the year. Such carton types can often be recognized by the fact that the back side is gray or brown. Or the monthly calendar backboard is already too thin. The metal eyelet prevents tearing, but this cardboard has other drawbacks, such as being more easily flexed under heat / humidity / pull. Also, due to the uncoated back, it will absorb slight room moisture and tend to curl up. In addition, the metal eyelet will leave unsightly markings on the advertising surface by folding the advertising calendars.

Find your monthly calendar

Find your new month calendar as an advertising calendar on our responsive website from the sofa. Send us your inquiry or contact our sales team via the online chat. They are advised by our employees in the field of advertising calendars. You will receive our non-binding monthly calendar offer free of charge.

Monthly calendar of PRINTAS: The high-quality promotional gift

With the multi-month calendars by PRINTAS, you decide for quality and practical advertising. Whether a 3-month calendar or a 7-month calendar, all these products have the same advantage: Users see not only the current month, but also past and future months. This way, you always have the overview without having to scroll back and forth. Thanks to this great value, these multi-month calendars are equally popular with all customers.

Choose the optimal monthly calendar

PRINTAS offers you different versions of multi-month calendars. You can order a 4-month calendar as well as a 6-month calendar. The calendars differ in the monthly overview. For example, a 3-month calendar contains every three months separately on individual calendar pages or on a monthly page. For a 5-month calendar PRINTAS prints the current month in the middle on a sheet, two months before and then on a calendar page. Or, moreover, in five individual blocks. In addition, the presentations classic, classic + gloss and premium are offered. Klassik + Glanz impresses with a gloss lacquer refinement, premium features a headboard with hardcover finishing and a backboard with dispersion lacquer. With all of these options, you can rely on high print quality, high quality materials and clean processing. In addition, you can have 7-month calendars and co-prints printed with individual lettering and logos, with their advertising areas you can achieve a maximum advertising effect.