Order, relax, receive – your PRINTAS calendar

Your PRINTAS consultant - Personal all-round service

The search for a suitable calendar has come to an end. You have decided to have an advertising calendar printed. Please feel free to contact us. We advise you on the selection.

You can reach us

  • By telephone, use our free service number: 0800-PRINTAS (800-774 68 27)
  • By online chat
  • By mail ( or by contacting your contact person in our office. The names and contact details can be found here.
  • By comfort request via our website.

Our consultant, who is responsible for you, accompanies you from the request to the design up to the delivery. At PRINTAS, you have no changing contacts for different needs. We place emphasis on performance and service from a single source. This is the only way to ensure that we know you, our customers, exactly. All relevant data about you and your company are stored. Whether you work half-day, your charger is 1.20 meters high. Your goods receipt is not busy on Fridays. You have a load lift. Your calendars will be distributed through the field service and therefore you will not need single-item bags .... Your consultant knows it through the close cooperation with you and offers you the appropriate service.

The PRINTAS design service

You would like a calendar with advertising impressions, perfectly matched to your company's design, but do not have an advertising agency?

Of course, you do not have to customize your advertising calendar yourself. This service is one of our services. Our in-house advertising agency already advises you on the selection of your motifs, the arrangement of the texts and company information and sends you the design proposals in advance via e-mail.

For this we offer you our favorable design service. Our agency professionals agree with you in a briefing. Logo and, if available, picture material, in printable quality. The package includes:

  • Development of 2 layout proposals
  • Introduction and selection of a design
  • Recording of change requests (3 correction steps)
  • Clean drawing and data supply

Included in the service offer is the design of the head and the interim lines of the 3- to 7-month calendars and is based on a time-consuming effort of 4-5 working hours (excluding proof).
For more information, please visit our website under Design Services.
After releasing the design plans for your advertising calendar, we start producing your calendars.


Production and services for your advertising calendar

After completing your vote, you will receive color-coded digital proofs of your advertising space. These in turn serve the printer on the printing machine for color matching the print result. So that your advertising calendar will actually look like you imagine it. After each production step, the results are passed by a QM employee. The release is documented so that the production process of your advertising calendar can be comprehensively comprehensible.


Shipping - on schedule delivery service

In line with our commitment to the best possible service and the best services, PRINTAS will deliver your advertising calendars as agreed. Again, we will not leave you alone. Do you want us to send your calendars individually to your customers? Do you have a dispatch of your location with deliveries to your various branch offices or to your national sales representatives? Do you need a worldwide dispatch to your branches in other countries? No problem here, too, we are your competent partner and offer you professional services and services in the form of packaging and shipping solutions for your advertising calendars.


Reliability makes a good service

As a customer, you expect the "Drumherum" as well as a top advertising calendar. This includes
- Reliability
- quality of service
- short waiting times or fast feedback
This is our goal, which we better meet every year. With our services and our service we would like to convince you just as much as with our advertising calendars. That is why we measure every year our customer satisfaction, delivery punctuality and complaint rate.
Each of our customers receives a short query after delivery, the categories and (school) grades are shown below:

Results of our customer satisfaction survey As at: 12/2016

  • availability and processing times (1.30)
  • friendliness and open-mindedness (1,16)
  • competence (1.19)
  • delivery punctuality / delivery date (1,27)
  • product quality (1.28)
  • assistance (1.29)

Delivery on-time: 97.2%
Complaint: 0.5%

This is a result that we are proud of and which we owe to the performance of our employees. Nevertheless, we do not rest on it, but are constantly working on improving our processes to improve ourselves.


Quality assurance for your advertising calendar

We constantly question and modernize production techniques, since quality assurance has always been an integral part of our company's ideology. We rely on our internal QA system. This is characterized by high flexibility and allows a continuous improvement process. We live the zero (repetitive) error culture. The search for the error is in the foreground, not the cause of the error. Therefore, all workflows are regularly checked and optimized if necessary. For every employee, it is ambition and personal concern to avoid mistakes and to improve constantly.
We are organized according to the Kaizen principle, that is, we

  • constantly monitor our production lines
  • constantly improve and improve these strings
  • exclude any kind of waste