with 6 months on
each sheet and
2 displays
29 x 65,5 cm
folded: 29 x 21 cm
weight: 210 g
Advertising space:
head: 29 x 16 cm
29 x 3 cm

Our great
calendar with
6 months
at a glance
33 x 147 cm
folded: 33 x 21 cm
weight: from 500 g
Advertising space:
head: 33 x 21 cm
6 lines
each 33 x 3,3 cm

The classic
calendar size
but 6 months
on each sheet
33 x 100 cm
folded: 33 x 20 cm
weight: from 340 g
Advertising space:
head: 33 x 20 cm
4 lines
each 33 x 2,3 cm

with plenty
of space for
your advertising
39 x 147 cm
folded: 39 x 21 cm
weight: from 610 g
Advertising space:
head: 39 x 21 cm
6 lines
each 39 x 3,3 cm

6-month calendar for every advertising purpose

Even friends of the puristic, minimalist style of design wish for their white walls. At PRINTAS you will find a large selection of 6-month calendars, which not only spice up your walls, but also score with practical benefits and attractive advertising surfaces.
Decent or shrill? You decide. With our huge selection of 6-month calendars in many formats and finishes, you complement your office furnishings stylishly and elegantly. What are table calendars on the desk or the sideboard are 6-month calendars on the walls.

6-month calendar as a business card

Elegant or colorful - each 6-month calendar is designed according to the customer's requirements and is thus very individual for the advertising company. Make your 6-month calendar a wall decoration and thus the center of the room. Turn the offices of the receivers of your advertising calendars into a small gallery. Your 6-month calendar is your business card on the wall of your customer.

Timeless and always up to date

Keeping an eye on the day can be just as necessary as looking forward to free days. So that you can do both in a practical and appealing way, you will find a large selection of 6-month calendars. As a practical eye-catcher, a 6-month calendar in the office and in the reception is a happy working tool that transports your message with its advertising space.
6-month calendar
Man is not only a visual being, but also a haptic. If you are upgrading your 6-month calendars with a quartz sand varnish, for example, To make the asphalt "comprehensible" on a pictured road. Or you highlight important parts of your monthly calendar with a blind embossing, emphasize company logos with a die-cut. The beneficiary will deal with the monthly calendar for a longer time if you are using these types of advertising.

Whom do you want to make a joy or share your message?

Every year again, and not only once, you are faced with the great task of procuring an advertisement for your customers and / or prospective customers. This can be for Christmas, to measuring dates, company jubilees or even company-internal for distribution to the employees. You are now able to cope with this task without difficulty. From the monthly calendar with an overview of six months on a single page up to six individual monthly pages. This is also available in various formats, you will find everything at PRINTAS Kalenderverlag.

Attention to detail - the look and quality of our 6-month calendar rendition

Give yourself your own artistic freedom and design your advertising space as you like it best. Keep in mind that your 6-month calendar transports the image of your company to the customer and advertises for your company a whole year on the wall of your customers. Give full attention to the design of the advertising space. The quality of a 6-month calendar makes the difference between the monthly calendar of your company or that of a competitor on the wall? We focus on this. From selection of materials to processing. Perfection is our ambition. High-quality materials and their solid workmanship guarantee advertising throughout the lifetime of the advertising calendar.

How to buy a calendars in Onlineshop?

The Internet is a blessing because it gives you a valuable gift: Time! You upload your pictures and texts, get no digital proof, which you have to send back, but after a few weeks you will get your calendars ... and are disappointed. Your advertising calendar is not legible due to your chosen color combination. Expert advice prevents this. And the calendar is only glued to the head and falls apart when unpacking. At PRINTAS, you will receive expert advice on the matter of promotional calendars, through well-trained and long-term employees with appropriate experience and competence. Do you hold a metal eye for a quality feature? Our employees explain to you in a personal conversation, why it is not. Do you find a block gluing of the calendar more elegant? We explain why our calendar blocks glued between the sheets are not topped with a fine perforated perforation. Our calendars are characterized by perfect perforation and processing.
Asking for advice costs time. But also leads to a better result. Please feel free to request our inquiry form! You can also use our comfort inquiry to request a suitable offer by sending your current calendar to us. Avoid the hourly search for calendar providers on countless websites. With us you get uncompromisingly good quality calendars! You no longer have to compare a myriad of offers. With just a few clicks, you can view and request our various calendar models.

PRINTAS has the special service

The best service begins here before you place an order! Whether you are inquiring about our online inquiry form, via online chat or via our free 0800 number: You always have a contact person who personally cares about your concerns and advises you in your sense.
If you are not sure,

  • which calendar best fits your 6-month calendar
  • how high the shipping costs will be to your customers
  • whether your photos in the resolution are sufficient
  • how many ink colors are required
  • who can make the calendar
  • what the design of the calendar will cost
  • when the calendars should be ordered
  • how long the delivery time is
  • how a single shipment runs
  • which languages ​​and public holidays the calendars contain

Our experts are at your disposal.

6-month calendar for the maximum overview in the office

As long as possible planning in the future, more and more customers want to be able to use them. Not only the current month, but also a further five months should be recognizable at first sight. PRINTAS explains why 6-month calendars are the ideal advertising calendars.
A lot of months with little space and a great opportunity for planning - the way of the 6-month calendar is explained in a similar way. Although these models are long-hanging on the wall, they can be made small by folds for mailing and fit as an M-format even in maxi-letters. Classic 6-month calendars open doors to your customers. The widths of these models are 33 and 39 cm. As a novelty PRINTAS offers the SIXTAS, a 6-month calendar on only four blocks. This advantage allows you to achieve maximum clarity with even smaller wall surfaces. Also in the smallest office. And since all versions are available in three different versions, the right calendar can be found.

6-month calendar for your PRINTAS advertising

Typically your customers are overwhelmed with three- or four-month calendars. What is generally considered a classic advertising calendar is maximized to attract attention. Added to this are the additional advertising space, which, depending on the size, offers many possibilities. In the study, the classic monthly calendar convinces as a perfect advertising medium through the countless views of the user on the advertising. Table calendars with a similar layout can be combined.
With PRINTAS you have a large selection of monthly calendars with many different advertising areas. Select the 6-month calendar that suits your company, and you can consult them one by one up to your TOP monthly calendar.

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