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Welcome to PRINTAS! Our site is designed to inspire you with fresh ideas on advertising calendars and the design of advertising spaces, making it very easy to find in our huge selection exactly what you need for your successful calendar advertising.

For decades PRINTAS Kalenderverlag has specialized in the production of high-quality individual advertising calendars with advertising impressions for corporate customers. The development, production and global distribution are managed and coordinated by the company's location in Hamburg. We produce exclusively in Germany.
The dialogue between employees and customers, as well as the pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation, make PRINTAS successful. Further training of our employees and continuous optimization of our processes are important components of our mission statement.


  • We deliver quality.
  • We act fair, open, flexible, fast and reliable.
  • We are a family business and are committed to our social responsibility towards our employees and the general public.
  • We think in the long term and build our business permanently and sustainably.
  • The customer and his satisfaction are our focus.
  • Honesty and reliability according to the old Hanseatic merchant tradition, according to the model of the meeting of an Honest Merchant to Hamburg, which is our Managing Director, Dirk Stolzke.
  • Environmental protection through responsible management of natural resources.
  • Mutual respect and appreciation of each and every one of the "Diversity Charter".

Product spectrum

  • PRINTAS offers its customers a wide range of multi-month calendars, advertising calendars, table calendars, picture calendars, photo calendars, poster calendars and billboards.
  • PRINTAS is a specialist in the development and manufacture of customized special calendars for various applications.

Quality standards

  • PRINTAS uses advanced manufacturing techniques.
  • Quality assurance is an integral part of our company's ideology: Our internal QS system is characterized by high flexibility and allows a continuous improvement process. We live the zero (repetitive) error culture. The search for the error is in the foreground, not the cause of the error. All workflows are regularly checked for deficiencies and optimized by appropriate measures.
  • Your fixed contact person advises and supervises you from the delivery of the offer to the delivery of your calendars. Your customer consultant is quickly familiar with your needs and needs.

PRINTAS works according to Kaizen, which includes

  • Continuous monitoring of the production lines
  • continuous improvement of the strands
  • Exclusion from waste of any kind


We offer you an extensive selection of calendars with many calendars at an excellent price-performance ratio and a lot of ideas for how to make your calendar advertising to your own taste.
With us, you will find everything you are looking for, through product filters, search function or even sorted by calendar types - for every taste and budget. You can ask for several articles by caching them on the memo.

No matter which advertising calendars you prefer, we optimize and enlarge our offer all the time. Every year, you will find a lot of news on monthly calendars and advertising calendars of all kinds. And the perfect price-performance ratio is included in PRINTAS! Discover monthly calendars by calendar category, by formats, colors of the calendar blocks, calendar languages ​​and much more ...


With the responsive PRINTAS homepage, you can access our huge range of advertising calendars and monthly calendars from your smartphone.

There for you

Whenever you need us, we are there for you: Our customer service is available Monday to Friday from 8.30 am - 5 pm by telephone or by online chat. For callers from the German fixed network we have set up a free service number. Simply select 0800-PRINTAS (0800-7748627). We would also like to invite you to visit us in our office.


In 1953 the writer and publisher Irmgard Heilmann founded the Heilmann publishing house, laying the foundations for today's PRINTAS Calendar Publishing. Until 1972, she published the "Hamburger Bilderbuch", which PRINTAS published in the years 1973 to 1988 in ever new editions.

(Irmgard Heilmann Foundation, established in 1988 and handed over to the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung in 2002 for the trusteeship administration, regularly promotes literature and literary young people in Hamburg.) Irmgard Heilmann died in Hamburg in 1993.)

In 1954 Heilmann publishes the picture calendar "Hamburg - Around the Alster", which has been continuously produced in the 62nd year.

In 1973 the merchant Wilhelm F. Mittrich took over the publishing house and continued it under the name PRINTAS Verlags-GmbH & Co. KG. The program is extended by ad sheets and the monthly magazine ULTIMO.

In 1976 Hartmut Stolzke joined the publishing company as sales representative and shortly afterwards became managing director.

In 1978 the Nederlandse Dagbladunie N.V. From Rotterdam shares in the publishing house.

In 1979 Hartmut Stolzke bought the calendar and book publishing rights. He leads the publishing house together with his wife Gisela Stolzke as PRINTAS Kalenderverlag GmbH. The publishing program is extended by additional titles such as the German calendar and the maritime calendar. A successful beer calendar for breweries is also launched, the rights later sold to a South German publisher.

At this time, most of the customers come from Hamburg and its surroundings. The three-month calendar comes in the assortment. Right from the start, the high-quality finish is the main focus. Through this calendar, the customer base expands rapidly to the nationwide level. For the first time international customers are also supplied in the Netherlands, Denmark, the USA, the former Soviet Union, Brazil and even in Africa.

1985 the rapid growth of the company requires the move to larger business premises at the location "In der Masch 6" in Hamburg.

In 1986 PRINTAS became "digital" with the purchase of the first computers for order processing and bookkeeping.

In addition to the classic three-month calendars, the portfolio already includes four-month and five-month calendars with different international calendars. The ever more global customer base is taken into account.

In 1992, Dirk Stolzke joined the company.

In 1994 the three-month table calendar and a three-month wall calendar with a purely Japanese calendar are published.

In 1997, Knud Stolzke joined the company.

In 1998, PRINTAS expanded the range of possible custom-made products considerably with the claim "What you will not get anywhere else, we make it possible for you."
Monthly calendars with:

  • individual mold punching of the backboard
  • Screen printing
  • Foil embossing
  • Special calendar
  • Scented finish
  • enlarged advertising space
  • nostalgic metal plates or - picture and photo calendars as head motif

Which stand out from the broad mass as distinctive calendar models.

In 2000 the website is online

In 2001, PRINTAS is registered as a trademark at the German Patent and Trademark Office. The first six-month calendars, CD calendars and poster calendars will appear.

In 2002, all three- to six-month calendars are also offered in a port-friendly width of 33 cm - in addition to the hitherto 39 cm width. As a result, the range of calendars is almost doubled. The following years are characterized by a growing export business.

In 2005, PRINTAS developed a five-month calendar on 3 blocks. "QUINTAS" combines compactness with an excellent planning overview. Over the years this calendar has been copied and imitated by many other suppliers.

In 2012 Hartmut Stolzke retires.

In 2013, all of the calendars will receive a new, modern typography. The model "QUINTAS" is now followed by "SIXTAS" and "SEPTAS", a six- and seven-month calendar on 4 blocks, which are also quickly imitating. Customers are supplied in 49 countries.

In 2014, the website will be redesigned. A clear navigational structure and user-friendly online functions as well as the usability on mobile terminals are the main focus.

2016 is the novelty of the notepad monthly calendar "NOTAS". To date, corporate development, quality requirements, the spirit of innovation and the constant focus on customer needs are the key elements of PRINTAS 'success story.

In 2017, PRINTAS acquired new office spaces at the address "Borsteler Chaussee 49" in Hamburg.