7 months on
only 4 calendarpads
for a long-term
33 x 100 cm
folded: 33 x 20 cm
weight: from 340 g
Advertising space:
head: 33 x 20 cm
4 lines
each 33 x 2,3 cm

7-Month Calendar - The advertising calendar with a great view

The selection of wall calendars is great. With the multitude of different manufacturers, materials, technical possibilities, sizes and price classes one is spoiled for choice.
It does not always have to be electronic calendars - who has ever fought with missing data connections or a weak battery, knows: wall calendars are the perfect planning basis for the office. Several months overview in the field of view without having to switch between the computer programs. For several years, 7-month calendars have been a permanent fire and hardly an office without.

And best of all, we at PRINTAS offer you a huge selection of wall calendars, in addition to the 7-month calendars - in all popular formats, designs and colors. Our calendar selection ranges from classic 7-month calendars, wall calendars with high-gloss lacquer to premium advertising calendars with hardcover advertising space.

Relaxed working with a 7-month calendar

Whether home office or office, no workplace can be worked without a wall calendar. For the perfect work environment, your work area will only start with a 7-month calendar. Large advertising spaces and many monthly surveys make PRINTAS '7-month calendars an indispensable work and advertising tool. A wall calendar is often used as a planning tool in the office and 7-month calendars are used to set and coordinate appointments. Daily requirements must be met by a 7-month calendar: the wall calendars must be stable, well-processed and easy to offer. In order for the 7-month calendar and other advertising calendars to match perfectly, advertising space and materials are just as important as the functionality. To select the right one from the variety of different advertising calendars, first consider who will work with the new calendar. Then look for a model according to your taste and check the dimensions, finishing and material according to the product description.

7-month calendar with SEPTAS calendar

The PRINTAS 7-Monthly Calendar SEPTAS as advertising, means to stand out from the crowd. This new type of calendar is not only exceptional, but also extremely useful when it comes to planning longer periods. And this only with the space requirement of a four-month calendar. Our SEPTAS advertising calendars offer you:

  • 7 months on only 4 calendar blocks
  • first and last 2 blocks, each with 2 months at a glance
  • 2 months as caster
  • 4 coming months in advance
  • large format advertising space
  • 4-language calendar

With a 7-month calendar SEPTAS we present you a unique advertising calendar. With this wall calendar, your customers have seven months in view, which proves to be optimal for longer-term planning. In concrete terms, this means that the 7-month calendar consists of four individual blocks, the calendar pages can be demolished separately. On one block, the current month is printed in big print, on the other three blocks two months can be studied in the run-up and after-run. With this exceptional concept, you can make an impression and stand out from all the competitors who give away the standard wall calendars. The current single month is always white, the first, third and fourth block gray. These are also the double months, which make the calendar with 4 blocks to the 7-month calendar.

Producing 7-month calendar

In view of the high functionality, the chances are good that you can hang up your 7-month calendar. As a result, the optimal advertising effect unfolds. This is enhanced by a further advantage of a 7-month calendar: it offers plenty of space for individual advertising prints. We print the headline, the footer and the lines between the four blocks. Specify the concrete text and the colors. Multi-color imprints achieve a particularly high marketing effect. Both with these individual advertising calendars as well as with the overall design of the 7-month calendar you can rely on the highest quality. In addition to the print quality, the selection of the high-quality material is also convincing. The rear wall consists, for example, of stable and full-surface finished cardboard. As an alternative to the standard version, you can opt for a high-gloss lacquering or a hardcover refinement also called premium execution. These enhancement techniques add to the high-quality look and add a great feel to your advertising calendar.

We will also send you a sample copy. In addition, you can take a look at the other calendar categories, so you can, for example, complement your 7-month calendar with a table calendar. Our 7-month calendars are available in two different widths. Our medium format is at a width of 33 cm portofriendly. Our large format with 39 cm in width provides maximum space for your design. Both formats provide an overview of seven months at a glance. The large-format wall planners have six individual calendar blocks for demolition. Your company's print on seven advertising surfaces ensures an attention-grabbing advertising effect.

7-Months Calendar - The Showstar

Your 7-month calendar always makes a good figure. Even in the office, with 7-month calendars from PRINTAS, you no longer steal the show: 7-month calendars give you planning security during workdays. At PRINTAS you will find wall calendars of the highest quality directly from the manufacturer.

If you are interested in the 7-month calendar as an impressive advertising medium, you can immediately request a non-binding offer.

You are still not sure which wall calendar it should be, or which advertising impressions fit your new 7-month calendar? Consulting is our passion: just call us - we love wall calendars and help you gladly!

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