Picture calendar with varied motifs for a pleasant atmosphere

Stylish and timeless, cheeky and colorful or extravagant and stylish - picture calendars provide a great office atmosphere. You can get picture calendars on almost any topic in countless variants and sizes, on different paper varieties, refined, coated, varnished or punched. In addition, you have a huge selection of motifs that perfectly represent different business types. You can choose from a variety of designs and themes, which you can select according to your wishes and requirements. In combination with your own calendar design, you decide for an image calendar that you can personalize and use as a perfect advertising tool. In this way, it attracts the attention of existing customers and new customers.

Picture calendar with great photos on high-quality papers

Image calendars can be as individual as the places where you can embellish spaces and make work easier. A simple calendar helps to grasp the essentials at a quick glance. Picture calendars can be found in companies, hotels, waiting rooms, restaurants or on the local wall. With picture calendars, you can create your own individual atmosphere and give your rooms a personal touch. They combine beautiful motifs with the practical use of a calendar and your individually designed advertising space. Depending on the type and design of the picture calendar, this can be found either on the calendar sheet itself or on a folding flap which simultaneously serves as a suspension for the advertising calendar. Appealing picture calendars are the standard of the office articles and are a demanded decorative element. With pictures you can design your spatial environment with your own wishes and aesthetic aspects.

Create comfort with picture calendars in different formats

Panoramic picture calendars put a wall impressively in scene. Square or high-format picture calendars decorate small areas on walls where there is not much space.
Picture calendars are frequently found at the recipient's home and also fulfill your advertising purpose there. Landscape and nature themes Picture Calendars are popular formats for the living room. Also art picture calendars provide great accents. Small format photo calendars with space for notes in the calendar have proved their worth for the kitchen. And here too the advertising space advertises your company. Discover your favorite PRINTAS advertising campaigns.

If your desired edition is too small for a custom-made product, we can also produce smaller editions in digital printing. The monthly sheets are already pre-printed with the thematic motifs and the calendar. We provide the image calendar with the advertising impression of your company and thus make this advertising calendar for your individual advertising calendar. Your advertising message and your company logo will be placed at different points of the advertising calendar according to your wishes. For example, your advertising impression is placed on a well-visible bottle over the image motif by means of a perforated hole, which also serves as a suspension. Or you place your advertising on every single month sheet of the picture calendar. As a rule, there is sufficient space next to the calendar at the foot of the advertising calendar. Another possibility is an extended back wall of the picture calendar, which then looks almost under the motifs. On this foot stand, you can also print your advertising and logo on the entire calendar width, as in the case of a variant with a cop bottle.

A simple monochrome advertising impression in black is generally sufficient, since the large-format picture motifs of your photo-camera already bring a lot of color into the game. This color variant is also very cheaply available. If your choice for a multi-color impression is. In your personal company colors, this is also easily implemented.

Print the picture

If you opt for an image calendar for your calendars, you can expect a calendar that shows the 12 months of the month month sheet for the month. This custom photo is ready for custom-sized images. Away from our standard picture calendars and photo calendars, you can also use your own motifs for advertising purposes in addition to the advertising space.
Without a great deal of effort, we create your own company advertising calendar with our ready-made, but also customizable calendar.

We print your advertising calendar with your favorite motifs or photos from our motif selection in the highest photo quality, with a brilliant color brilliance and crisp sharp. Choose from our picture calendar versions:

• Hamburg Around the Alster Bildkalender
• World City of Hamburg Bildkalender
• World City of Hamburg Bildplaner
• Sailromantic picture calendar
• Sail flow charter

Or use your own photos and let PRINTAS design your own special picture calendar. PRINTAS offers the right promotional calendar for every taste. Discover our large selection of picture calendars and select your favorite design and your desired format.

Picture calendars are especially suitable as a personal gift idea: Surprise your customers and business partners and order your individual calendar gifts. At PRINTAS we offer you first-class prints and highest product quality. Let your favorite motifs shine in new splendor. As a classic picture calendar, photo calendar or as an image planner with 3-month calendar.

You are not yet sure which advertising calendars are right for you? You need help with the design of your photo calendar? You would like to know the costs for different calendar models?
No problem - Use our experience from over 60 years PRINTAS advertising calendars and contact us by phone or via our website. Online inquiry forms and also our personal chat are available. We look forward to your inquiry.