Data transmission to PRINTAS

Send your files (up to 2 GB) by WeTransfer - quickly and comfortably.

It's easy to do:

1.) Enter in your browser or followthe link.

2.) You can skip the intro by clicking on the button.

3.) Click to accept the GTC of WeTransfer and the guidlines concerning the use of cookies. This step is necessary for the transfer of your files.

4.) Click the button to add files and chose one or more files to upload. You can also use the drag-and-drop feature to drag the files into the WeTransfer website by holding the left mouse button.

5.) Enter in the space for the receivers address.

6.) Enter your own address into the space below. After your advisor has successfully downloaded the files you receive a confirmation by WeTransfer.

7.) Important: To help usassociating your upload please enter your client number and our order-number (e.g. 20211234). If these informations are missing we can not process your uploads! Optional: If you have anything you want to let us know concerning the files, you have the possibility to enter it on the WeTransfer Website before finally transmitting the files.

8.) Click to transmit the files.