saves postal
charge and
shows 5 months
on each sheet
29 x 54 cm
weight: approx. 160 g
Advertising space:
head: 29 x 16 cm
base: 29 x 3 cm


allrounder with
5 calendar-pads
for a long term
33 x 126 cm
folded: 33 x 21 cm
weight: from 430 g
Advertising space:
head: 33 x 21 cm
5 lines
each 33 x 3,3 cm

our in-house
designed QUINTAS
5 month calendar
with only 3 pads
33 x 84 cm
folded: 33 x 21 cm
weight: 260 g
Advertising space:
head: 33 x 21 cm
3 lines
each 33 x 3,3 cm

a nonstandard
calendar with
double sized head
for your ads
33 x 100 cm
folded: 33 x 20 cm
weight: ca. 290 g
Advertising space:
head: 33 x 40 cm
3 lines
each 33 x 3,3 cm

the great all-
with five months
and a lot of
advertising space
39 x 126 cm
folded: 39 x 21 cm
weight: from 520 g
Advertising space:
head: 39 x 21 cm
5 lines
each 39 x 3,3 cm

5-Month Calendar: The special advertising calendar for your office

A 5-month calendar is immediately visible in every office. This advertising calendar is an overview of five months at a glance. Whether classic, classic+shine, or premium. The advertising calendar becomes part of your office.

At PRINTAS you will find your fitting 5-month calendar. Advertising calendars are ideal promotional gifts for companies with an international presence. The wall calendars with five month blocks and date slides are indispensable especially as forwarding calendars and shipping calendars, because advertising calendars spread the company's advertising messages and provide a real added value for the recipient at the same time. Due to the clear typography the calendar of our 5-month calendar is also very good readable.

The calendars are folded and packed in cartons. We also have the right shipping packaging for your individual shipment. The advertising calendars are equipped with a hole or thread suspension. This means for you, simply hanging up the 5-month calendar. The right place on the wall and a nail are already enough. But first you are spoiled for choice. For what picture calendars in general applies, applies also to 5-month calendar. The selection of 5-month calendars is huge. As diverse as the tastes are, the five-month calendars are so varied. But all our advertising calendars have one thing in common. Both 5-month calendars as well as all other PRINTAS advertising calendars inspire with high quality and timeless design. For example, e.g. 3-month calendar, 4-month calendar, table calendar with and without register punch or poster calendar, each model scores with different characteristics and optical highlights. To make it easier for you to choose an advertising calendar, we will give you an overview of the different formats and language versions of the advertising calendars. Your 5-month calendar offers you the best overview in every form.

5-Month Calendar - What Formats Are Available?

The advertising calendar is available in different formats. From the space-saving small format in 29 x 51 cm to the large format with lavish dimensions of 39 x 100 cm is the right format for everyone. The possibilities are almost unlimited. Different picture motifs give the 5-month calendar an individual and impressive note. Our 5-month calendars are also porto-optimized. An office without an advertising calendar is hardly imaginable today. The clear PRINTAS calendar is the perfect advertising calendar in combination with your advertising message. Find the right 5-month calendar for PRINTAS Calendar Publishing.

The 5-month calendar is one of the advertising calendars that stand out from the standard. Our models convince with excellent quality and bring many great features and functions:

  • High quality chrome carton
  • Offset printing with dispersion varnish - digital printing possible on some models
  • Back panel foldable
  • Perforated calendar blocks
  • Date indicator ready for the calendar
  • 1, 3 or 5 block calendar with 5 months

Producing 5 month calendar

Let 5-month calendars print - from a calendar manufacturer with decades of experience! The offer also includes table calendars, poster calendars and picture calendars with three to seven month blocks, whereby all calendar variants can be printed with your company message.
The 5-month calendar is suitable for different companies. Typically, you give this promotional calendar to your customers, but practical helpers are also popular as a present for business partners. Your advertising calendars can be delivered with a UV lacquer on request as a classic + gloss version. As a premium version, the calendar heads can be printed on high-quality imagery paper and coated with a cellophane coating. The five calendar blocks are printed in a roll offset, using a clear typography. You can choose between many different language versions and different color versions. Due to the very good print and paper quality, the calendar retains its high quality in the long term and discreetly distributes your advertising message.

The compact: A block 5-month calendar in the format S

The compact 5-month calendar format S fits on every wall. Whether with or without footer, this model also allows a calendar in your company colors even in small editions. Printed in high-quality offset printing. For smaller runs, digital printing is possible. A high-quality 5-month calendar will accompany you for one year. We therefore only use high-quality materials for the advertising calendars. You will be pleased with a well-processed PRINTAS advertising calendar. We recommend you to use our shipping boxes for individual shipping. Finally, your 5-month calendar should be well protected and unharmed at the recipient.

The savage: three-block 5-month calendar in the format M or L

If you need as much advertising space as possible, the 5-month calendar with three blocks is an ideal choice. This promotional calendar is a real eye-catcher due to its special monthly arrangement. On the first and third blocks there are two months each. On the second block of the month, the main block, there is a month which is immediately apparent. Each calendar is equipped with a date indicator. The 5-month calendar is available in the categories classic, classic + luster or premium. Equipped with a hole hole or a thread suspension, it can be hung up immediately on a nail. Every PRINTAS 5-month calendar provides the best overview.

The Large: five-block 5-month calendar in the format M or L On this advertising calendar you have plenty of space to place your advertising. This 5-month calendar is a real all-rounder. On five individual monthly blocks with 12 months each, you have an overview of the current, past and next 3 months. The advertising areas on the head and in the five advertising panels can be printed continuously. In addition, this 5-month calendar is convenient to send by post despite its size.

Which 5-month calendar fits your company?

When buying a new 5-month calendar, many questions are to be answered. Who will receive the calendar? Where is he to be hanged? How much space is available? The answers to questions about the design, the size and the future advertising space are crucial for choosing the right advertising calendar. Not every company has time and the appropriate staff to design the advertising calendar itself. Use our design service as a package price! For more information, visit If you prefer extravagant shapes, the calendar head can be given an individual shape by means of a die-cut. Various finishing variants are also possible, e.g. A UV mottled lacquer or a cold foil embossing. Our 5-month calendars are an ideal advertising medium to convey their message to the final consumer or intermediary. Contact PRINTAS for advice. We are glad to be here for you.

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