Processing and print: month calendars and calendar sheets

As calendar-manufacturer with decades of experience we sometimes use a technical jargon from the printing industry which might sound all Greek to a non-professional.

At this point we want to present you a summary of the most frequently raised questions. We are happy about your interest in the details of calendar printing. If you have own questions you are welcome to contact us to receive your individual advise. 

We place stong importance on the high quality workmanship of our calendars because advertising presents can only fully unfold their effects when they have a pleasing design and a superb utility. Promotionally effective are particularly individualised month-, 3 month-overview-, and annual calendars with advertising print. We manufacture these calendars. Wall calendars are used for schedule-plannig and organisation wordwide and are usefull in all branches. Individualised with your company logo and with your advertising slogan an advertising calendar 2016 is exactly in focus of your customers - because they are used practically every day.

A calendar with advertising print is the perfect present because both - you and your customer - benefit from it a whole year long.


Important downloads, our glossary and converting informations.

Month-sheets: print and processing

Our calendar sheets are printed on a rotary offset machine. After the printing the months are combiled and glued into bundles. Thanks to the fine perforation the single month-sheets are easy to tear off. Thanks to the quality of the perforation there are no rags remaining after removing a calendar sheet.

We produce the calendar pads without cramps or foldings. The accurate gluing avoids the fanning of the tear-bar. Even after several months of usage the optical impression of your customised calendars stays attractive - the whole year long.

All calendars from our product range will be provided with mounted date pointer. The red vision panel is strung on the fastened transparent stripe so that the vision panel can not be lost.

We provide month sheets in 4 different language variants and in 4 different colours.

Colours of our calendar sheets:

  • light blue
  • light grey
  • white
  • yellow

The current month is always white.

For more information concerning the availablity of the month pads of your overview calendars please refer to the detailed product description.


Overview-calendars with tear-off calendar sheets

"Classic design wall calendars"


  • chromo cardboard (380 g/m²)
  • glossy coated
  • bright white
  • very strong
  • gain in weight by high volume
  • white backside coated matte
  • dispersion coating included
  • suspension: hole / optionally with metal insert - a metal insert is not necessary because of the high stability of the cardboard 


The background of the 3-7 month overview calendars in L- and M-size are printed on 380 g/m² white chromo cardboard. For the S-size calendars we use 315 g/m² white chromo cardboard. The material is bright white and triple-coated, glossy. The complete backside is full-surface printable. We generally also print the space which is hidden behind the calendar pads without surcharge. The layout templates for our month calendars show exactly which parts of the advertising calendar are visible. You find the layout templates in the product description and in the domain downloads.

The backside of the annual calendars is white and intensifies the attractive appearance of our high-quality calendars. This makes a very good impression in comparision with grey-backsided calendars. When your customer takes the folded calendar he firstly sees the backside - and oftenly the first impression counts. Thanks to the strong material of our three- to seven-month calendars the use of a metal insert is unnecessary for a safe suspension without disruption of the calendars. We will gladly send you a sample on request. At your express request we also manufacture your advertising calendars with metal insert (against extra charge). Metal inserts are not a quality characteristic but are on the contrary used by some manufacturers to compensate the deficient cardboard of the calendars.

One major advantage of the manufactured cardboard is the high volume at low weight which provides the calendar an enormous natural stability. For the protection of the calendar and to avoid scratches and discoloration we genarally apply a full-surface dispersion coating on the calendars. The dispersion coating has been established as a standard production step and does not cause you any extra charges.

Our mission is to proviode you an advertising calendar that you are able to enjoy the whole year long.


"Classic & Gloss" design wall calendars


  • chromo cardboard (380 g/m²)
  • glossy laminated
  • bright white
  • very stronggain in weight by high volume
  • white backside coated matte
  • high gloss lamination included
  • suspension: hole / optionally with metal insert - a metal insert is not necessary because of the high stability of the cardboard 

The processing basically corresponds to the manufacturing of the "Classic" design. Instead of the dispersion coat that is generally applied to protect the colours a high-gloss lamination is applied on the entire surface of your advertising calendars. The high-gloss lamination protects the colour as well but intensifies the luminance of the advertising print even more than a standard dispersion coating.

Tip: A gloss-lamination to highlight certain elements of the advertising print can bring a special attention effect. The glossy highlight draws the attention of the user again and again and even motivates to touch the calendar and realise the advertising message sensual and actively draw the attention to your advertising.

Another possibility to intensify the advertising effect is the use of cold foil. The advertising motiv for your calendar or parts of it are laminated with metallic foil and overprinted with colours afterwards.

The mix of differing surface-structures - like metallic foil or high glossy coated elements on a dispersion- or matte-coated calendar - can bring the performance of your advertising an additional interesting aspect. We appreciate to advise you personally concerning possible creative designing of your advertising calendars or provide further information on demand.



Premium" month calendars with hardcover-upgrade

Material head: 

  • white glossy paper
  • cellophane lamination
  • thick cardboard


Material background: 

  • chromo cardboard (380 g/m²)
  • glossy coated
  • bright white
  • very strong
  • gain in weight by high volume
  • white backside coated matte
  • dispersion coating included
  • suspension: cord loop / optionally: hole


The backside of our "Premium" month calendars with high gloss lamination is made of the same material as the "Classic" design. However, it is easy to differenciate the "Premium" design from the "Classic" calendars. The image or company logo on the calendar head is manufactured in the same manner as a book cover.


The layout for the calendar head is printed on high-quality glossy paper. The special characteristic of glossy paper is the is the extremely smooth surface that brings up even the finest details of your advertising print.

The layout must contain a bleed allowance of at least 3 mm to avoid white rims.



Afterwards the printed sheets are laminated with a cellophane coating and glued on a thick cardboard.





The overlaps of the printed sheets are wrapped around the edges of the cardboard and glued to the cardboard-backside.






The backside of the laminated cardboard with the advertising image is covered with a non-transparent white sheet to hide the edges of the printed sheet.






The finished calendar head and the month-pads are glued on the printed backside of the calendar.







For the calendar head a separate printing file is necessary. You find the layout template for your company-calendar in the download-section of our website and in the detailed product description as well.

Please note that for high-gloss laminated "PREMIUM" calendars we need 6 weeks of production after final print release! This is due to the complex workmanship of the calendar head.