5-month calendar QUINTAS XL medium

5-month calendar QUINTAS XL medium

This five-month calendar is a real all-rounder. On five individual monthly blocks, each with 12 months, you have an overview of the current, the past and the next 3 months. The advertising space on the head and in the five advertising strips can be printed throughout. In addition, this 5-month calendar can be conveniently sent by post despite its size.

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5-month calendar QUINTAS XL medium

 (Edition min. 100 pcs.)
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iMax. Size 14.5MB
Please specify special colors (if known), e.g. HKS 31 or PANTONE 218.
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size open: 33 x 100 cm 
size folded: 33 x 20 cm

Advertising spaces

head: 33 x 20 cm
three lines: 33 x 3 cm


Processing and print: month calendars


You will find interesting information about printing in our glossary:


Standard-calendar sheets for five month calendar QUINTAS medium size:

Multi-lingual calendar

4-lingual D-GB-F-E
with holidays A-CH-D-DK-E-F-GB-I-NL

colour available:

  • light grey

More informations


  • The pad that shows the current month is always white.
    Individual calendar sheets on request (smallest edition: 250 pcs)                               
  • For five month calendars medium size XL we supply white cardboard-envelopes, optional with or without insert-service.

"Classic"   and   "Classic+Gloss"