Advertising space

Printed advertising space is always perceived, consciously or unconsciously. Advertising spaces offer the possibility to consolidate advertising messages in the minds of the viewers.

Advantages of advertising space:

  • Advertising spaces increase the awareness of the advertising company and the advertised product
  • Advertising areas produce immediate action impulses
  • Calendar advertising offers a low-cost CPM (thousands contact price)
  • Calendar ads are placed where your target group is

How should an advertising space be designed?

Advertising surfaces are designed not only for aesthetic aspects.
The advertising design has the goal of achieving a striking and memorable advertising message. This is achieved through a combination of visual and textual elements, which arouses interest in viewers at the very first contact with the advertising space and, in the ideal case, triggers emotions.
So take the time to ask yourself: "What do we want to express with our advertising space?" If this question is answered, it is up to the design of your advertising medium. As a rule, consideration must be given to the three components text, motif and logo. The following design tips can make your work easier:

1. Text of the advertising space

Hold yourself short! Important textual information on your advertising space should be accessible within a very short time. Of course, the text on your advertising space is left to you as an advertiser. However, the text usually refers to the advertised product or service.
In order to achieve the necessary attention, positioning in the center of the image has proven to be advantageous. However, it is also to consider placing the individual components on the advertising space in areas of strong contrasts. Thus, the more the contrast between these elements on the advertising surface, the more the attention of the viewer is steered more and more onto design elements such as text or images.
It is also important to note that the size of the advertising text is reasonably large. This ensures that your advertising message is readable from a common viewing distance of a calendar without any hassle. Typically, the distance between the viewer and the user of a classic wall calendar is one to three meters. Large calendars are often used in large rooms, e.g. Workshops or warehouses. Here, the viewing distance is significantly higher. Make sure that the text on your advertising space is used in a sufficiently large font size. The larger the advertising area, the larger the font size should be. Also use easy-to-read fonts. Fonts with serifs, e.g. The Times font makes it easy for the viewer's eye to quickly capture the messages on your ad space.

2. Motif of the advertising space

Show who you are, what distinguishes you and which product you want to apply. Give your product you want to present on the advertising space a lot of space! Keep in mind that the size of the image should be at least 20% of the total advertising space. The same applies to illustrations: the more central the placement of the motif on the advertising space, the greater the chance that the viewer's eye is steered precisely. The greatest attention is given to motifs and figures that are positioned in the middle or close to the center of the advertising space. People react intuitively to faces. When you use faces in the design of your advertising space, you will draw your attention to your advertising and your products or services.

3. Logo of the advertising area

Your company logo should be present on the advertising space. This is the only way to generate a revival value and relate the product advertised to your company. , Let the viewer know who is behind your advertising message hidden on your wall calendar. Here, too, make contrasts. The logo, the texts and pictures should stand out clearly from the background on your advertising space. The attention of the viewer is directed to your advertising message.
Also think about placing your company logo in an unusual position on your advertising space. This attracts your attention.

Ask the following questions for the design of your advertising space:

1. What do you want to show on the advertising space?
It should be clear what exactly you want to apply. Use pictures that are easy to see at first sight.

2. How should the message be understood?
Make sure that your advertising message is meant. Formulate your advertising message briefly and clearly.

3. WHO is behind it?
Make clear who is behind the advertising message and where the viewer can turn to. Place your contact information clearly visible.

Design service

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